Caelin is the one with the fiddle and the bare feet 

Caelin is the one with the fiddle and the bare feet 

is a certified creative person who likes to dabble in a lot of different things: art, music, writing, science. She is mostly interested in pondering the creative mind and playing around with junk. She does not claim to be associated with any institution and is in awe of plants. 





loves to interact with the acts that want to play the Hearing Room. Working with so many different approaches, his ability to find high quality performers to grace our stage does not go unnoticed. 

He has this drive to get Bob Dylan and/or other well known acts to come to see The Hearing Room. This writer knows of several very large headliners he's tried so far to get in our venue. 

He hosts a jam on the 3rd Friday of every month from 7-10pm, showing he's not afraid to use his banjo in all types of musical genres.

 This is not his mugshot....

This is not his mugshot....

Steve Horwitz


I’m from Brookline and a supporter and advocate of music appreciation, composition and creation. What I lack creatively I compensate for in appreciation and promotion of good music. I enjoy a variety of genres: jazz, blues, rock and improvisation. I’ve been actively engaged in listening and supporting live musical performances. Professionally I’m a financial and investment consultant.