The best way to help The Hearing Room is to GET INVOLVED. However, we need money, too, so here is one easy way to contribute:

You can also just show up to events and drop a few extra bucks in the paint can.

Your contribution supports basic operating costs at The Hearing Room.

A few of our sponsors:

Beatific Brian by Sally Powell 

Beatific Brian by Sally Powell 

Brian Staid

is a carpenter who presently lives in Maine. That's a watercolor painting of him over there because he refused to give me a photograph. He also doesn't have a website and most of the time he doesn't have a phone. Yup, he's an off the grid type of person who's impossible to reach most of the time but I sent him a message in a bottle and miraculously he showed up to build this stage: 


Anyway, he is not only GREAT at what he does, he is a NICE GUY who does not take advantage of people.  


The stage is built over a pallet rack donated by that guy with the headphones and a dangerous tool in his hands. And that is his place in Maynard called Duncan's Beemers which is an "independent BMW motorcycle shop specializing in sales, repairs and parts." This is his website:




Andy "Android" Excuse donated a ton of sound equipment and instruments. He has some strange thaumaturgical leanings and likes petals. Rachel "Aurora Borealis" Lieberman donated a screen and also this website. She bakes great pies and also likes petals. Along with some other people they form the space rock band Approaching Zero that plays at The Hearing Room on the 2nd Saturday of every month. This is their website:

"That's "pedals" you spaced out hippie."

"That's "pedals" you spaced out hippie."

"That's pedals. But petals are nice, too." 

"That's pedals. But petals are nice, too." 


This guy donated a lot of the furniture and continues to donate his time to do things such as hanging lights and fixing chairs. He also makes popcorn. He runs his own business known as Cavalcade Packaging where they do something called "kitting" which sounds like it involves adorable furry animals but it doesn't. Anyway this is his website: