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Posted March 12, 2019 by Mark Abare

The Hearing Room is evolving into its next planned phase of being a true cooperative effort and a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. The Hearing Room has filed the appropriate documentaion and in 2018 partnered with FAI to help facilitate the entire process.

What does the NEW ERA and NEXT PHASE entail? It’s multifaceted, but certainly simple enough. The Hearing Room is going to be a full blown cooperative effort. YOU are going to make it what YOU want it to be. The Hearing Room wants YOU! It wants you to volunteer your time - there will be a link below to a form you can fill in with your name, day (or days) available, time(s), and what you can do. Perhaps you are available on Tuesday nights once a month that you can person the door, be a greeter, whatever. Maybe you have an accounting background and you can keep track of the finances. You may be a social butterfly on the internets and could post events/social media marketing. You might have ties to a traveling medicine show that could be hosted at The Hearing Room. Grant writing? Bluegrass host? Jam leader? Cleaning crew? These are things The Hearing Room needs. It needs YOU!

It takes a community to offer this community. Since The Hearing Room opened, it has been moving towards this goal - albeit slowly. It has been that decisions/direction have been administered by a very small core group. This next phase requires this community to take ownership and to develop into the sustainable, creative space it has always meant to be.

Where things are right now - even though the paperwork has been filed, the recent government shutdown has delayed the processing backlog they already had. The current funding for The Hearing Room will be exhausted as of June 1, 2019. The Hearing Room has a fundraiser going to make the transition, and the link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/the-new-era-of-the-hearing-room or click HERE.

We are working on a signup/volunteer form, which will be available (right here!) as soon as its done!

Caelin and I are very thankful for everyone that has been involved over the last 3 years. Your continued love and support of the venue has been a remarkable thing. We are looking forward to passing the community we have strived to build - to YOU, as a full, non-profit cooperative effort, and into the future!