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Way Off The Grid

I know they all look happy, but lurking among the members of the Bluegrass Therapy Jam that meets every Sunday night in Acton are some tortured souls. When they aren't trying to learn a new fiddle tune or out buying new instruments, or out selling their instruments for a few extra bucks or trading them in for a bottle of whiskey or, well, you get the picture...,these tortured souls WRITE SONGS. So for one night only, you can experience the wild side of the Bluegrass Therapy Jam as these secret singer-songwriters go out of the book, off the grass (the bluegrass, that is), and WAY off the grid. 


Ralph Deflorio
Susannah Doyle
Rich Eilbert
Caelin Graber
Paul Kafalas
Jon Seiff
Sandra Waddock

Earlier Event: May 2
Open Mic