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Vibrato Workshop w/Laurel Thomsen

This introductory workshop, centered around Laurel Thomsen's popular "Complete This introductory workshop, centered around Laurel Thomsen's popular "Complete Vibrato Mastery" course, will help students and string teachers demystify vibrato and gain tools to fix common issues, from the beginning stages to more advanced applications. Attendees will explore hands-on approaches to help create a consistent and beautiful vibrato using time tested methods developed in Laurel’s lessons studio since 1996. 

Bring your instrument and your curiosity! Every great song deserves a great vibrato!

Laurel Thomsen is a Classically trained, genre-defying violinist and violist. Performing and touring internationally since 1998, she is also dedicated to helping others find their musical voices. Laurel is a Strings magazine contributor, the author of several multi-media guides for string playing technique, has enjoyed a thriving private teaching studio since 1996, and was featured on the front page of the New York Times for her innovative Skype teaching activities. 

$40 includes the 7pm concert with Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen (see, and a coupon to join her online "Complete Vibrato Mastery" course.

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Review highlights from Laurel Thomsen’s "Complete Vibrato Mastery" online course upon which the workshop is based:

“The first video violin course with pragmatic information that is enough to start improving a difficult skill like vibrato without a professor and with self analysis and self measuring. Laurel Thomsen gives a very objective methodology that is easy to follow, organized, and starts to make sense immediately. In my own case it started to provide result immediately.”  ~Denis

"Very detailed explanation of "everything vibrato" with well presented videos and excellent additional material. I particularly appreciate the audio file section as a play along practice guide. Thank you very much, Laurel, for this high quality course!” ~Sabine

"Informative and fluid...She gets right to it!” ~Sean

"This is an EXCELLENT course. I have been trying to learn vibrato and this course gave me a perfect path to follow - starting from scratch to more advanced. The videos had great shots of hand position and touched on common problems that students experience and how to solve them. Thanks for a great course! I'm already seeing improvement in my vibrato!” ~Robert

“I’m an adult intermediate viola player, and my vibrato technique has been an ongoing challenge. I have finally found a resource that made a difference. In this course, Laurel presents a systematic approach and provides exercises in small, manageable segments in order to develop a robust vibrato. She teaches ways to control and change vibrato to heighten musical expression. Using her methods, my vibrato has improved significantly in just 3-4 months. This course is well-worth the investment and receives the highest recommendation possible. It’s definitely a five star course!” ~Kathy