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Songwriters in the Round: Mike Rydock, Aaron Tornberg, & Fiona Corinne

Songwriters in the Round

Mike Rydock

Mike Rydock is a singer/songwriter living in Middletown, PA. He has released two cd's of original songs
and has been performing at small venues from Massachusetts to Florida since 2009.

Aaron Tornberg

Aaron Tornberg has over 30 years of experience as a performer and songwriter. His music is best described as eclectic folk. He plays acoustic music, ranging from Folk to Klezmer to country to acoustic interpretations of heavy metal music. He has a company that helps other artists with their administrative tasks and booking. An Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist by training, his interests lie in music that has a story, filk, and sea chantys.

Fiona Corinne

At 5:19pm on a rainy day in May, Fiona Corinne DePaul entered the world. Named, like her other 3 siblings, that if she became famous, she could use her first and middle name as a stage name. I wonder if her mother knew how much that choice would pay off…

Okay, maybe thats too detailed...

Fiona has been passionate about making music since she was a little girl. “I used to sit in time out and scream so loudly that the next door neighbor could hear me,” Fiona says. “I was destined to be a singer; I was loud and didn’t want out of the spotlight.” Though she likes to count singing Puff the Magic Dragon on her Wonder Horse as the true beginning, her first taste of the stage came when she was in 3rd grade and auditioned for her elementary school’s musical. Throughout her school career, she took part in many school and community choirs, as well as musical theatre productions. She began piano instruction in 1999, and formal voice lessons in 2005. Fiona grew up in a house full of music, and has been and is still influenced by every genre imaginable. From opera to 80s hair metal, she draws inspiration from anything and everything.

In December of 2016, Fiona Corinne release a full length acoustic album of solely original songs. In addition to Here’s to My, her single Just Go is available on iTunes and all music streaming/purchasing sites. Fiona completed her first solo tour in August of 2015 and included 12 cities in the Eastern half of the United States. 2017 was a long, stressful year, but moving forward - 2018 is all about making moves. She hopes not only to drop the solo act and dive into the non-acoustic world, but to tour and record more music as well. Read more about her plans on the home page.

Music stuff aside, she’s a pretty normal (well, weird in acceptable ways) person. She loves her husband, family, friends, and pets. When she’s not singing, she blogs, makes crafts, and bakes. She also enjoys reading, planning parties, and getting lost on Reddit. Her music is always too loud (according to everyone), and her hair is always changing. If she could give 15 year old her advice, it would be to never take advice. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy (and fuck the people who tell you you’re too “showtune-y”).

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