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Tysk, Tysk, Task

Tysk, Tysk, Task will perform live at the Hearing Room this Saturday, March 2, 2019. Join us!


Kyle and Samantha went to a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at Government Center in 2006. They were a few people apart, front row for the free show. They didn't meet that day, but Kyle photographed Samantha. A few weeks later, she transferred into Kyle's high school in Worcester County. They became fast friends, especially when he burned her a White Stripes CD, a band she'd never heard before. They had a great duo in high school and through college called Schminke's Advice that never got off the ground, due to a lack of funds and really, focus. They friendship in more than a decade has never dwindled, but in the summer of 2018, Samantha and Kyle decided to join forces again, this time knowing they were stronger and better on their instruments than ever before. They are now Dorchester's newest indie rock duo, and they play both acoustic and plugged-in shows, with original songs and covers. Samantha sings and plays guitar, ukulele and piano. Kyle plays guitar, bass and drums, often simultaneously.