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The Low in Between

Folk elevation artist and singer/songwriter Rich Podgur came home to New England last year and reunited with his roots as well as with local musicians, guitarist Dave Hinckley (Faces on Film) and drummer Gavin McCarthy (Karate), to create The Low In Between. Their debut full-length album, Apart, is just out and it stands distinctly apart from the current breezy jumble of indie-pop as a soulful breath of smoke-filled air.

It’s not so much just an exquisitely-crafted album as it is a stirring soundtrack tailored to your changing moods. All ten songs are haunting, beloved, and familiar before you even hear them through.

It could be the sense of sweet homecoming that inspires Podgur’s passion as his rich vocal sound spins enchanting modern yarns for every urban cowgirl and boy. His thoughtful lyrics are both darkly wry and genuinely uplifting. And as the lyrics speak to you, the guitars are right there next to you. Warm, inviting, and oh-so-hook-y.

Apart was not recorded live in a dim lounge with a rough hewn bar and a vested barkeep slinging whiskey, but it sounds that way. Though the reverberations of 160 year old barn walls at the Soul Shop in Medford, MA, don’t hurt. The recording venue for Apart, Elio DeLuca (co-producer, engineer, organ, wurlitzer, and background vocals) and Patrick Grenham’s renowned Soul Shop served as both canvas and muse.

The Low in Between also plays well with others, adding the contributions of some of the area’s finest in bassists Wayne Whittaker, Lou Ulrich, and Jef Charland, in addition to the vocal talents of Danielle Miraglia and Lydia Harrell, completing a who’s who of Boston-area music lovers and purveyors.

Podgur describes the songs as “full of warmth and honesty.” The album is indeed warm and honest. It is also raw, genuine, tragic, uplifting, and toe-tapping.

Independent release from The Low In Between
Available at Bandcamp

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