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The Hearing Room Presents Gary Blanchard in Concert




Lowell, MAThe Hearing Room will present Gary Blanchard, taking place at 119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell on 7/14/2017.


The Hearing Room is proud to bring Gary to The Hearing Room for the second year in a row.


Gary Blanchard grew up in Baltimore during the 1950’s and 60’s. One of his

earlier musical memories is the Kingston Trio singing Tom Dooley. The

music of Peter, Paul and Mary in the early teen years added to his love of

folk music, as did an immersion into the music of the Civil War during the

centennial commemoration. It was hearing Donovan’s Catch The Wind,

however, that made him decide to get a guitar.


Gary’s earliest performances were shared with his brother Kenneth, though

Gary started performing solo in 1968. About this time Gary began

discovering other folk singers, including Janis Ian, Tom Paxton, Mark

Spoelstra, and Pete Seeger. It was Pete Seeger who was to have the greatest impact on Gary.


Throughout the intervening years, Gary has ventured into a number of

musical styles, including folk-rock, avant-garde performance in the style of

Laurie Anderson, new-age electronic music, even writing pieces for string

quartet and woodwind trio. In recent years, however, Gary has returned to

his folk music and singer/songwriter roots.


Gary writes music that stays close to the folk tradition yet also reveals other influences. In performance, Gary sings and plays guitar and harmonica. His song list is mostly original songs, though he does sometimes bring in a traditional song or a 60’s tune . His songs explore social issues but focus on the need for hope and action while keeping a positive focus.


The world needs songs to tell our stories...I think Gary Blanchard's do.”

Dennis Stafford, Artist Relations Manager, Luna Guitars


The Hearing Room is a grassroots Art & Performance venue. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary this June. We are a space for the production and consumption of creative expression.


We have regular events:

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The Hearing Room – Where Art is Always Happening!


Miracle Frequency Discovery Rocks Lowell Hearing Room in Medicine Show

Scheduled Sunday Night July 23, 2017

Lowell, MA – Eclectic performances by Harvard-trained Dr. Leonard Horowitz backed by sound-savvy recording artists in the 13 O’Clock Blues Band, Jon Catler, Babe Borden, Skip Fischer and Timo Shanko, are scheduled to rock the local Hearing Room into a “Healing Room” using the therapeutic power of music tuned
to the “’MI’racle Frequency” of the ancient original Solfeggio musical scale—528Hz. 

The Sunday Night, July 23, 2017, 6-10pm happening features the doctor’s explanation, a performance by 13 O’Clock Blues Band in 528Hz Harmonic tuning, followed by audience participation in a two-hour therapeutic “sing-along, dance-along, and jam-along” with more than a dozen celebrity performers in a multi-media “528 Traveling Medicine Show Tribute” that includes virtual appearances
by famous 528 recording artists John Lennon, Prince, Led Zeppelin,
the Grateful Dead, Mariah Carey, and many others. 

A $10 donation for admission is requested for the “Healing Room” event located at 119 Chelmsford Street in Lowell. 

Come early, seating is limited, as are autographed copies of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE. 

Also available are some limited advance copies of 13 O’Clock Blues Band’s upcoming new release Devil’s Dance which was recorded in 528Hz Harmonic Tuning. 

More information about the performers, event, and 528Hz frequency tuning is online at

More can be read about 13 O’Clock Blues Band at, and information about The Hearing Room
can be found online at

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