Dear Hearing Room patrons,   

It has been almost a year since The Hearing Room opened with the mission of supporting local creative talent by offering a space for all forms and phases of creative expression. We have had lots of great people pass through our doors and it is our hope that The Hearing Room will continue to evolve throughout 2017 and beyond. However, on June 1st, The Hearing Room will enter Phase II of this evolution, with the goal of forming a cooperative. In order to continue, The Hearing Room needs creative people who are interested in sharing the cost and utilization of the space for recurring projects. The room can be used for art studio space, workshops, after school programs, practice space, event space, jams, exhibits, meetings, shop space, film, open mics, etc. and if enough people want to share the cost of the space it is very affordable! Please keep in mind that this is not “space rental” but a search for people who are interested in cooperatively LEASING the space and working together. The direction that The Hearing Room takes will be determined cooperatively and all ideas consistent with the general mission are welcome. Meeting April 22nd from 3-5 PM for folks wishing to participate. 

Please direct all inquiries to Caelin at



The Hearing room

Grassroots Art and Performance Center


Hours For now: 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 7-10 PM

Wednesday: 7-10 PM

Thursday: 7-10 PM

Friday: 7-10 PM

Saturday: Open for select events during the afternoon, otherwise 7-10

Sunday: Open for select events during the afternoon, otherwise closed 


Caelin Graber at 314 305 4978



For Friday and Saturday Night Featured Bookings:

Mark Abare at 508 304 4783