The Hearing room

Grassroots Art and Performance Center

Dear Hearing Room patrons: 

Beginning on July 1, 2017, The Hearing Room has completed phase II of its evolution into a creative cooperative with the mission of providing a space for the production and consumption of all forms of creative expression. We are still looking for one more person to join the transition team as a paying member, and we are always looking for people to offer their time, ideas and/or utilize the space for projects. It is the goal of The Hearing Room to eventually become a full cooperative and a place where art is truly always happening. Interested in getting involved? Contact us!



(the now usurped benevolent dictator of The Hearing Room) 


We would eventually like to be open form 2-10 PM daily, but we need YOU to do that. For now, please check the calendar for events




For Friday and Saturday Night Featured Bookings:

Mark Abare at 508 304 4783